7" x 7" Size Custom Static Stick Decal.

7" x 7" Size Custom Static Stick Decal. Sold/Priced by the square inch. Decals are made of .007" white or clear static adhering material made for use on glass. Static Stick uses no adhesive, yet holds the decal firmly in place. Approximately 8 working days for production. White counts as a color and is charged as such. Minimum order of 125 clings.

Availability: Usually ships in 1-2 weeks.

Design Your Own Static Vinyl Cling/Decal - 7" x7" Size.
myovc$2.43, 250/$372.50, 500/$475.50, 1000/$686.00, 1500/$859.50, 2500/$1,115.00, 5000/$1,815.00
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