Winning the Tough Ones - the Book - Word Document

If you have a tough political campaign ahead of you, then you should read, "Winning the Tough Ones." This 111 page eBook covers 1. Winning with issues 2. Writing the campaign plan 3. The first campaign plan ( an example) 4. The 21 most important rules for winning a campaign 5. The top 11 campaign tactics NOT used by most campaigns 6. Winning the Yard Sign War 7. A fail proof fundraising letter 8. 21 Sample fundraising letters 9. Major donor fundraising and finance plan 10. Online fundraising 11. An Internet and Email strategy 12. About the Author

This is an eBook so you can pay with your credit card and press the download button once your credit card is accepted. This is a Word document and is 856k.

Winning the Tough Ones - Word Document

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